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Hello! A warm welcome to

Mdm Ho's Alteration.
The alteration to your every garment needs.

  • Length/Waist/Fit ALTERATIONS:
* waist alteration
* Polos/ Tshirts/pants shortening
* dress/skirts jackets
* Misc (changing of zippers, buttons)
* Mending of holes in that favourite outfit
* Suits, Jackets, Wedding gown
* Custom tailoring of Baju Kurong
* alteration of Malay traditional clothes /baju melayu
* Curtains
& many more...

We stop doing Tailoring.
We do not accept police or army or scdf uniforms.

Should you need any professional Alteration for your clothes

Our namecard:

In a few stitches, your garment will be in perfect fit.
Your fashion aid is just a dial away. .
Call : 6384 6034
Book your appointment slot
We do Not accept EMAIL appointment-bookings
Emails are strictly for potential advertisers or blogshops partnerships.

We're Open from MON to SAT!
2pm to 7pm (last appt at 7pm)
DO NOT CALL after 7pm.

Address: Seng Kang 
Nearest MRT: Sengkang mrt

We are reasonably priced from $8!^ 

Free on-the-spot Consultation ^^     
Free on-the-spot Measurement ^^^

^ price depends on complexity of the alteration job
^^ Consultation is free of charge. We only accept  alterations that we can do.
^^^ Should you agree to proceed with the alteration, but change your mind, a nominal fee will be charged for the personal measurement

No Price Quotation over the Phone    
  • You need to bring down for Mdm Ho, our seamstress, will have to see the garment before quoting you her price.
  •  ^ Please note prices differ and depend on complexity of alteration job, so we can give you the exact price after examining your clothing on the spot.
  • No obligations.
Calling hours: 2 to 7pm only.
Please call to book an appointment at least 1day in advance to avoid disappointment.
NO walk-in.

3 days to 2 week. It depends . We would try to get the job done asap.
Note that prices depend on complexity of the job as well as the material of the clothes.

Payment mode: Cash only. We will issue you an unique receipt for collection.
100% full upfront payment is required.
We had encountered cases of customers who had never returned for their unpaid but altered clothing. You need to communicate clearly, confirm how and what is to be altered. If agreeable, please pay full payment upfront. We will issue you a payment invoice for collection. Please check your clothing when you collect them. We do not allow any refund of any sort.

We also tailor make  Baju Kurong  and Ethnic Costumes. Duration will be 1-2weeks so come early.

We have received many queries but unfortunately, we do not provide the service of shopping for fabrics with you and tailor suits or pants from scratch.Please bring along the material and design (a photo or a replica will help), we can help reproduce it.

You just have to pay for our Tailoring services.
Please make full payment before we proceed with the tailoring.
All are FIRST COME FIRST SERVED unless you request for  #Express Service
Child : $35 to 40 +
Adult: $50+ onwards 
(Subject to change)
EXPRESS Service#

(Same day collection service) is also available at an additional charge of 50%.
e.g. normal tee-shirt alteration is $8, Express service will be $12 (50% more)
Remember to indicate to us that you want EXPRESS Service if you want to collect on the same day.

Conditions for EXPRESS Service:
*Available only to customers who come in the mornings or afternoons before 4pm. You can pickup 30mins to 2hours later depending on complexity of job.
*Does not apply to changing of zippers.

Are you sending your clothes for alteration for the first time?
If you are, we would like to share some pointers with you:

1. Do not wear the particular pants/jeans/dress which you want altered. ("What are you going to wear when we are busy altering your garment?")

2. For hygiene reasons, please wash your garments before you send them in for alteration (unless they are newly-bought). This is to prevent incidents like shrinks after washing. This applies for jeans as well.

何太太。 服装修补改服务。

咱们何家在这修改衣服 剪裁的事务已有三十年以上的历史。



• 剪裁订做
• 窗帘 等.

请与我们联系!  电话: 6384 6034
地点: 盛港  

我们全天2时至7时开放! 礼拜休息。
我们建议您在下来之前, 请务必事先一天打电话预约。.

我们合理的收费 : 只从$8 起!



*您需支付全数。不二价。 不退款。


(索取) 每套服装需附加50%。 记住明您想要当天收集。

How to get here.

Google Map (click for more directions info)

1) upfront CASH payment required
2) Book an appointment with us. Strictly NO walk-ins.
Our consultation hours are 2-7pm. Closed on Sun.
Call us at 6384 6034 if you're lost. We'll be happy to guide you.